Artistic gymnastics

We explain what artistic gymnastics is, its history and its characteristics. In addition, we tell you what the devices he uses are like.

What is artistic gymnastics?

Artistic gymnastics (formerly Olympic gymnastics) is a sport discipline, often considered a branch of gymnastics, whose practice consists of a series of rhythmic and acrobatic movements using different gymnastic apparatus to demonstrate flexibility, coordination, strength, balance and agility of the athlete. Practitioners of this discipline are known as gymnasts.

Unlike other forms of gymnastics, the exercise of artistic gymnastics aspires to produce an aesthetic effect during the 30 to 90 seconds of movements that it involves; that is, it is sought that the activities are not only coordinated and correct but also elegant, striking, and beautiful. Hence, it is compared to artistic practice.

This type of gymnastics is practised by both men and women in groups or individually. It is part of the Olympic disciplines, that is, those practised in the International Olympic Games every four years. The body regulating artistic gymnastics internationally is the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), based in Moutier, Switzerland.
Characteristics of artistic gymnastics
artistic gymnastics features
Gymnasts perform movements in the most elegant, precise and coordinated way possible.

In general, artistic gymnastics is characterized by the following:

It is practised by professional athletes, called gymnasts, in individual or group competitions for both the female and male gender. The most important matches are part of the International Olympic Games (JJOO).
Artistic gymnastics practices usually last between 30 seconds and a minute and a half and consist of a series of agile, coordinated and balanced movements on a surface of regulation measures, using gymnastic devices such as asymmetric bars, the balance beam, the vault, rings, high bar, pommel horse and parallel bars.
The task of the gymnasts is to perform the movements in the most elegant, precise, coordinated and efficient way possible. The aesthetic aspect is fundamental in evaluating these actions, for which a format from 1 to 10 is used.

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