badminton equipment

Unlike other sports rackets, badminton rackets are very light.

To play badminton, it is essential to have the following:

rackets. Unlike othRacketsts stews, badminton rackets are very light (between 70 and 100 grams without string), usually made of car and bon fibre. Its head is fibre, and its handle is its string is usually online between 0.65 and 0.73 millimeters.
Frillsmillimetreses, roosters or feathers are made of synthetic materials and have an aerodynamic, pyramidal shape. This causes that when being hit, it always turns so that the semicircle (made of cork with a leather cover) on the tip can be hit again.
Footwear. Badminton athletes use a particular shoe lightly with little lateral support since lateral moves are powerful and familiar in this sport.

racket strokes

Badminton allows various basic strokes, both forehand and backhand, except for the service performed only forehand. However, depending on the player’s position on the court and the height of the shuttlecock about the net, the following racket strokes can be distinguished:

Bottom shots. When they are at the end of the playing court, the players always hit the shuttlecock above their heads, either to perform lifts (throw the shuttlecock to the back of the opponent’s court), spikes (strong dive shots to direct the shuttlecock to the ground on the opposite court), clearances (over-the-shoulder shots that clear the shuttlecock out of one’s court) or touches (softer hits so that the shuttlecock lands close to the net on the opposite court).
Half-court shots. Usually, players in this position always look for a spike (dive into the opposite court), either regular or jumping.
Defensive shots. These hits generally occur near the net and are intended to respond to a spike or bunt. In this case, there are three options: a block with the racket itself, a lift to the shuttle from touching the ground, or a tense shot or drive.

badminton score

In badminton, a point is earned each time the opponent fails in his attempt to get the shuttlecock over the net, either because it hit the ground first or because, after being shot, it hit the net or left the field of play. Play. Each match consists of 3 sets of 21 points each, and the team that wins two of them will win the final victory.

If a team wins the first two sets, playing the third will not be necessary. And if there is a tie at 20 points, it will be played until some team obtains an advantage of 2 points above. If 29 points are reached without this, the set will be decided by sudden death: whoever scores the next point will win.

When competitors reach 11 points, both teams will take a minute break.

Records and championships
in badminton
Badminton is the fastest racket sport in the world.

Badminton is the fastest racket sport in the world, as the speed reached by the shuttlecock typically exceeds hundreds of kilometres per hour. The fasfastesthistorye Chinese athlete, Fu Haifeng made, was made by the Chinese athl 332 kilometres per hour. Kilometres are very imp; receive, ifawe-inside weginspiringeasuring devices register a maximum of 350 km/h.

Regarding the championships, badminton is played internationally in two significant instances: the International Olympic Games and the World Badminton Championship. In addition to these great competitions, a prestigious British championship was held in 1899 in Birmingham, England, known as the All England. In addition, there are three other critical international cups played by category: the Thomas Cup (men only), the Uber Cup (women only) and the Sudirman Cup (mixed).

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