Basketball rules

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Each team has twelve players, but only five are on the pitch simultaneously.

Basketball rules are made and modified by FIBA ​​(International Basketball Federation). In some cases, these rules differ from those used in leagues, such as the NBA (National Basketball Association) or the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association).

The following fundamental rules govern international basketball:


In a match, two teams of twelve players face each other.
The game begins with a jump ball between two team players in the center of the court.
Teams can make as many substitutions as they like.
When a team has possession of the ball, they will have 24 seconds to attempt a shot at goal.
A player may not remain in the restricted area of ​​the opponent’s ring for more than three seconds for the attack.
The player will not be able to dribble, stop and then continue dribbling. In that case, he has two steps to attempt a shot or pass the ball to a teammate.
Once a team crosses the halfway line, it cannot go back.


Illegal contact between opponents is considered a personal offense and carries individual and collective sanctions.
A player can commit five fouls in a match.
A team may only commit four fouls in each quarter. The opposing team will be awarded two free throws if this number is exceeded.
Free throws are also awarded when a player is fouled during the shot.


The team that obtains the highest number of points wins; the score is achieved by scoring the ball in the opposing team’s hoop.
A basketball game cannot end in a tie, so at the end of the game, successive five-minute overtime is granted until one team takes the lead.
Baskets are worth three points when the shot is made outside the three-point line, two points when the image is made inside the three-point line, and one point when the image is a free throw.


The game lasts four periods of ten minutes each, with the possibility of five-minute overtime in the event of a tie in the score. In the NBA, quarters last twelve minutes each.
Time stops every time the ball is not in play.
The time-out is a time of one minute that can be requested by one of the two coaches so that their team meets on the bench.

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