Modalities of the Paralympic Games

paralympic games modalities
Specific sports are practised in each modality of the Paralympic Games.

The Paralympic Games have two modalities or editions, just like the regular Olympics: a summer edition and a winter edition. Depending on which one, some sports or others are practised.

At the Summer Paralympic Games, athletics, badminton, wheelchair basketball, boccia, cycling, wheelchair fencing, five-a-side football, goalball, weightlifting, horse riding, judo, swimming, taekwondo, rowing, canoeing, rugby wheelchair, table tennis, wheelchair tennis, archery, Olympic shooting, triathlon and sitting volleyball.
At the Paralympic Winter Games, biathlon, wheelchair curling, alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, ice hockey and snowboarding are practised.

Difference Between Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
paralympic games Olympic differences
The Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games have the same venue.

The difference between the Olympic and Paralympic Games is the athletes competing. The Paralympic Games are designed for those sports professionals who suffer from severe disabilities and have not traditionally been represented in Olympic competitions.

Both competitions are significant, and the Olympic and Paralympic committees work hard for their athletes’ equality, so the cities that host the Olympic Games must also host the Paralympics. Similar media coverage must also be guaranteed for both competitions.

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