Olympic Games

Athletics is directly related to the establishment of the Olympic Games, which constitute the largest sporting event in the world, which brings together the most outstanding athletes from around the world and takes place every four years in a city that makes the times of hosting the games.

The requirement for a discipline to become part of the set of events for the Olympic Games is to practice the field on the five continents. In this way, new domains are entering that were not part of the origin of the games. Otherwise, several athletic sports competitions, such as Polo or Rugby, have disappeared.

The Marathon is a legendary athletic event, and it recalls the feat achieved by a Greek runner who was sent from Marathon, the village of Attica, to the city of Athens in the year 490 BC. J. C. aimed to announce the Athenians’ victoryans. This discipline is the most representative icon of all the Olympic Games.

The decathlon is a discipline that combines ten events (four runs, three jumps, and three throws);. However, it is held on two consecutive days; it requires the athlete to develop resistance, strength, power, and speed skills simultaneously. With this, it is the complete athletic discipline and the toughest in terms of its level of demand. There is the heptathlon, which is the equivalent of the decathlon but made up of female athletes. The classification of these two disciplines is according to the score that accumulates as a resultofy their performance in each activity; based on this, a comparative table between the athletes is formed.

On the other hand, the triathlon, which emerged in the mid-seventies in the United States, is one of the variations that occurred from the decathlon. However, the triathlon consists of three activities: swimming, cycling, and running, carried out consecutively and without interruption. Its measurement system is also different in addition to the composition of the exercises it includes; the evaluation principle is the time in which the sum of the three activities is carried out; the athlete who performs them in less time is the winner.

The registration of records in athletics is essential since it allows the constant progress of the athletes, allowing them to set the goals to which the athlete aspires.

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