Player positions in basketball

The escort is a player who stands out for his speed and agility.

Each of the players on a team has a position and role in the game:

Base. The player who creates the game and directs the team’s attack; is typical for him to be the shortest player. He must be the game’s computer, with initiative, creativity, and good ball handling and vision. In defense, the base covers the rise of the rivals.
Shooting guard. The player who stands out for his speed and agility; must contribute by scoring and have a good handling of the ball.
Eaves. Medium height player who must balance his game between strength and shooting. His position is essential when defining when he is under the rim. Therefore, he must perform with agility in that area of ​​​​the rival. He is even more critical for making fast breaks and shooting long ball distances (3-point shots).
Power forward. A Player of significant presence with a physical role serves as an assistant to the center to score under the rim and as a hoarder and ball retriever.
Pivot. The player with the most significant height and physical strength in the team style of play depends on great physical capacity. He must use his size and power to take advantage and get into awkward spots under the rim.

Technical fundamentals of basketball

There is a series of movements made by the players on the field of play:

Boat. Action in which a player controls the ball, causing it to bounce on the ground and return to his hand. The dribble can be done with either hand and is essential to advance over the opposing team’s defense.
Happens. Action in which a player delivers the ball to another to elude the defense, gain position, or look for a good shot at the basket. There are different types of passes: chest, spike, and baseball.
Threw. Throw the ball made by a player intending to enter the basket to score points in the game. There are different shots: free kick, jump shot, hook, or dunk.
Defensive moves. A defensive action is carried out by a player between the rim and a rival attacker to try to destabilize him, steal the ball or prevent him from making a pass or shot to the basket.

Basketball Characteristics

The objective of each team is to put the ball in the basket of the opposing team and thus achieve the highest number of points.
It comprises two teams of twelve players with a maximum of five players on the pitch simultaneously per team.
It is directed by three referees assisted by the table officials (the scorer, the timekeeper, and the operator of the 24-second rule).
It lasts four periods of ten minutes.
The game is on a field 28 meters long and 15 meters wide.

basketball elements

Certain elements are essential for the practice of basketball:

Ball. A spherical ball with a rough surface, usually orange in color, measures between 70 and 78 cm in diameter, depending on the category. It comprises a rubber chamber covered in leather or synthetic material.
Board. A rectangle of wood, metal or other material is attached to the hoop and net.
Basket. Element is formed by a bottomless net hanging from a metal ring attached horizontally to the board. It is one of the fundamental elements of basketball since the game’s objective is to shoot the ball into the basket.
Equipment. Made up of a sleeveless shirt, shorts or Bermuda shorts, short socks, and shoes that cover the ankle and have stiff soles. You are playing field. Rigid and flat rectangular court 28 meters long by 15 meters delimited by the lateral and bottom lines. It can be covered or uncovered and has two backboards and baskets, one at each end of the court, a center circle, a free throw area, and a restricted area on each side.

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