Rhythmic gymnastics

We explain what rhythmic gymnastics is, its history and its primary skills. In addition, we tell you what devices you use.

What is rhythmic gymnastics?

Rhythmic gymnastics, sometimes called modern rhythmic gymnastics, is an Olympic sport in which elements of dance, theatre and gymnastics are combined to perform a series of physical exercises in an elegant, aesthetic and harmonious way. Rhythmic gymnastics is closely related to women’s artistic gymnastics and can be part of competitions or simply exhibitions to the public, in the latter case being a sports practice close to the performing arts.

Usually, the practice of rhythmic gymnastics is performed to the beat of the music of a single instrument (usually the piano) and with the help of gymnastic devices such as hoops, balls, clubs and ribbons. This discipline is practised mainly by female athletes and, like other forms of gymnastics, is governed by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), based in Moutier, Switzerland.

A typical performance of rhythmic gymnastics is performed individually or in groups of six members, in sequences ranging from one minute to one and a half minutes (in the case of individual performance) or from two and a half to three minutes (in the case of the group). ). The movements of the gymnast during the execution are free; usually, they involve at least two activities considered “superior” (due to their degree of difficulty), and aspects such as the originality, fluidity and aesthetics of the movement routine are valued.

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