Sports according to the place where they are practiced

types of mountain sports
Mountain sports are practised on steep slopes or mountain ridges.

According to the place where your competitions take place, we can distinguish between the following types of sports:

Court sports. They are practised within a specially defined space, following exact measurements, which offers the ideal space for sports practice, such as stadiums, courts, tracks and other similar facilities. For examples: football, basketball, paddle tennis, athletics and hockey.
Watersports. They are practised in the water or on the surface of the water, whether in the sea, a lake or a pool. For example, windsurfing, surfing, sailing, kayaking and swimming.
Air sports. They are practised in the air, or a good part of their exercise involves flying,g for example, paragliding and skydiving.
Winter sports. They are those whose practice requires special climatic conditions in pronounced winter regions since they involve snow and ice. For example, snowboarding, figure skating on ice and skiing.
Hall sports. They are practised indoors, either in multiple-use sites or in facilities conducive to it.—forexample, futsal, ping-pong, fronton and chess.
Mountain Sports. They are practised on steep slopes, mountainridgese,s or in artificial spaces that imitate th,forr example  ,climbing, hiking, mountaineering and skiing.

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