types of sport

We explain what types of sports exist and how they are classified according to their participants, competitive logic and where they are practiced.

types of sport
Each sport has its own rules and methods.

What are the types of sport?

Sport is a physical activity that is performed for pleasure or the entertainment it provides, that is, without productive purposes. Normally they are competitive-type activities, which include a series of games or disciplines, each one endowed with its own rules and methods.

There are many different sports in the world, practiced in entirely different ways and conditions, so a list of the types of sports that exist can be very extensive and very difficult to systematize. However, broadly speaking, one can distinguish between:

Types of sports according to the number of players. This classification distinguishes between individual sports, team sports and team sports.
Types of sports according to competitive logic. In this classification, a distinction is made between net sports, combat sports, wall sports, precision sports, time and mark sports, attack or invasion sports, field and hit sports, driving sports and technical-combination sports.
Types of sports according to the place where they are practiced. This classification distinguishes between water sports, court sports, air sports, winter sports, indoor sports and mountain sports.

Individual, collective and team sports
types of team sports
In team sports, multiple players participate without forming teams.

Depending on the amount and disposition of the athletes in the sports exercise, we can talk about:

Individual sports. They are those that the player practices individually, without requiring the intervention of others. For example: athletics and artistic gymnastics.
Collective sports. They are those that bring together a certain number of players in the same competition, but they do not form teams with each other. For example: boxing, marathon or cycling.
Team sports. They are those that bring together different players who practice cooperatively, to beat the opposing team. For example: football, volleyball or baseball.

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