Volleyball field and equipment

Volleyball teams are usually made up of 12 players, 6 of whom may be on the court simultaneously, and can be exchanged throughout the game with their teammates on the bench only once each. Each team has a court next to the net, clearly delimited by the lines of play, and at no time may they enter the opponent’s court.

The field of play is a flat, smooth and uninterrupted rectangle, 18 meters long by 9 meters wide. It is divided in its central line by the net, suspended at a height of about 2.4 – 2.2at the height folding on the category of game.

Around it, the game category, at least,t 3 meters wide, separates the players from the public and where the game action can continue as long as the ball has not touched the ground. In addition, an amount of free space above the court of around 7 meters is required.

Each team’s court is delimited by a bottom line and two side lines, within which the ball must touch the ground for the opponent’s pois space is also divided into a defensive zone, away from the net, and an attack zone, much closer to it. There are usually two referees per game, located at both ends of the net and without entering the field of play.
Volleyball player positions and rotation

Within their respective court, the players must occupy six certain positions, which are:

Three forwards or attackers. Located in a straight line in the attack zone, facing the net.
Three backs or defenders. They are located in a straight line in The locatedensive zone, with their backs to the baseline.
Two liberos. Interchangeable players for a strictly defensive role can enter and leave the field of play during the defence phases in substitution of the other, as long as they are never on the field together. This can happen in the middle of a rally, but the return of the substituted player will have to wait until the end of the rally. Liberos fulfil strictly defensive roles and dress differently from the rest of the team.

Usually, on a rally, each player sticsition to cover a specific area on thon a rally e court. However, when the team scores a point, its players must rotate clockwise so each one must play in all possible parts. This is known as rotation. However, by the time the rally is kicked off, the players must already be positioned on the court and waiting.

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