We explain what volleyball is and the main features of this game. Also, what are the referees and assistants that interfere?

What is volleyball?

Volleyball, also called volleyball, consists of two teams, made up of six players each, who face each other inside a court divided by a net into equal parts. The main objective of this game is to pass the ball over the net and for it to hit the ground of the opponent’s field.

The game begins with a throw-in of the ball from one team to the opposite field. The duration of the rally may vary, depending on whether a foul was committed during the game or if the opposing team could not intercept the ball and return it to the opposite field. Each unit has three hits on the ball, which must be clean. The winning team of the first game will be awarded a point, and a new service will be available.

Among its primary rules, we can find the famous rotation. The rotation takes place according to the points achieved by each team.

Volleyball has different modalities, which vary depending on each country and physical disabilities; This is how sitting or standing volleyball can be differentiated.

Technical characteristics of volleyball

Volleyball – volley ball
The volleyball ball measures 65 centimeters and weighs almost 300 grams.

Field or court. It has a rectangular shape. It measures 18 meters long by 9 meters wide. The central line indicates the team’s area and has a free zone of between 3 and 5 meters.
Networks. It has a length of approximately 10 meters and a width of 1 meter.
Ball balloon. It is very different from the one used in football since it is 65 centimeters in circumference and weighs almost 300 grams, making it an easy element to handle. The raw material they are made of, in general, is leather, although synthetic materials are also useds.
Uniform. The clothes players must wear are Shorts, T-shirt, elbow and knee pads, socks and tennis shoes.
Weather. The matches are made up of sets, which can be three, four, or five. The team that manages to win three of them will win the game. To win a round, it is necessary to obtain at least twenty-five points, being mandatory to have a two-point difference with the opposing team.
Tie-breaker. The team that gets 15 points, with a difference of two, will win.

Referees and assistants in volleyball

During a volleyball game, several referees are working. The main referee is the one who is located next to the posts, and his objective is to direct the game, giving the proper instructions and drawing cards when necessary. There is also a second judge, whose role is to be assistant to the principal, standing at the post vacated by the latter.

On the other hand, we find the scorers in charge of keeping track of the points, changes, rotations, and fouls.

Also, the line judges (which can be two or four and assist the main referee) also report whether the ball fell on or off the court.

moves in volleyball
Blocking is when the player prevents the ball from passing into his box.

Take. It occurs when a player projects the ball toward the opponent’s sector.
Block. When a player prevents the ball thrown by his opponent from passing into his area.
To receive. Prevent the ball from touching the ground, placing the hands and arms in a suitable position, thus returning the shot.
Place / Assemble. In a series of no more than three passes between the players of the same team, the aim is to achieve a scoring play.
Attack. Sending a well-aimed shot of the ball to the neglected area or the player at a disadvantage.
Top off. Return the ball unexpectedly, with force.

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