What is the basketball?


We explain what basketball is and its history. Also, what are the rules, elements, and positions within this sport?

What is basketball?

Basketball, basketball, or basketball is a sport played as a team on different surfaces, covered or not, and consists of scoring as many “baskets” or as many as possible in the time the game lasts. Each team comprises five players who attack to score goals and defend when the ball has the opposing team.

In basketball, the goals or “baskets” are made when the ball is introduced (thrown by the players) in a metal hoop that hangs 3.05 meters with an open net so that the ball falls after being basketed. The many add up to a different number of points depending on the court area from which the shot is made.

history of basketball

Basketball was created in 1891 by James Naismith, a Canadian physical education teacher, in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States. Naismith wanted to incorporate a sport that could be played inside the school to avoid the low temperatures of winter, and that involved less physical contact than popular sports such as football or rugby.

He placed some fruit baskets at a certain height in the gym that fulfilled the function of a basket to which a soccer ball was thrown. Eighteen players played basketball, and thirteen critical rules were established.

The game spread to schools and universities in the United States and was popularized after World War I by American soldiers. It was included as an exhibition sport at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam (1928) and Los Angeles (1932) and established as an Olympic sport at the Games in Berlin (1936).

basketball in the world
Basketball is a spectacle that brings together large numbers of spectators.

Basketball is a sport that is played on all continents, both professionally and amateurishly. First-division matches and competitions are spectacles that bring together many in-person spectators and television viewers.

Most countries in the world have national federations with clubs that compete for the national championship and a national team that competes in international competitions. The best-known league worldwide is the National Basketball Association (NBA) of the United States due to its deployment, infrastructure, and fans.

basketball rules

The basic basketball rules were established in 1891 by James Naismith and were updated with the development of the sport. Among the most representative current basketball rules established by FIBA ​​(International Basketball Federation) are:


The ball can be thrown in any direction on the field of play with one or both hands.
Before shooting a ball into the basket or making a pass to a teammate, a player may only take two steps without dribbling.
A team has 24 seconds to shoot the ball into the basket.


The team with the most points scored at the end of the game wins.
When it is scored from near the basket, it is worth two points; when it is cut from a long distance, it is worth three points; and when it is cut from a free throw, it is worth one point.


The coach can substitute unlimited players on the court.
Play stops every time the ball goes out of bounds or a foul is committed.
In the event of a tie, five minutes of extra time are played until one of the two teams scores.


Personal fouls are when a player makes an illegal move against the opponent.
A player is ejected from the field of play when he commits five personal fouls.

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