Women’s category apparatus.

The uneven bars.

These are two bars suspended at different levels, one between 140 and 160 centimetres high, the other between 235 and 240 centimetres, separated by a distance of between 1 and 1.43 meters. The gymnasts must perform in 30 seconds a set of pirouettes moving between the two bars, building a pattern that culminates in a final acrobatic jump.

The balance beam.

It is a solid bar located 1.2 meters high, 10 centimetres wide and 5 meters long. On it, the gymnasts must perform a series of balance and agility acrobatics, having between 70 and 90 seconds. The qualification largely depends on the exercise looking like it was done on the floor and not on a narrow surface. It must be done in an uninterrupted, harmonious and concatenated manner. In case of falling from the bar, the gymnast has 10 seconds to return to her place and continue the exercise.

The pony jump.

It is the same apparatus as in the men’s category, arranged in the same way: 120 centimetres high, 35 centimetres wide and 160 centimetres long, located next to a springboard at the end of a 25-meter-long track.


It is the floor, which is cThe an elaterial that protects from falls, over a surface of 12 squae meters. The gymnast has between 70 and 90 seconds to carry out a gymnastic routine with fluidity, grace and coordination, which usually includes somersaults and changes of direction and level of movement.

Modalities of artistic gymnastics

Artistic gymnastics is typically practised in three different modalities:

General individual competition. Where each gymnast demonstrates their skills in the set of available apparatus, and the score obtained in each one is added to generate a general qualifying average.
Individual apparatus finals. Where the best gymnast is each specific apparatus, selected from among the best 8 of eral individual competition, those with the highest scores.
Team competition. Where the gymnasts of each team must participate, these teams are also chosen based on performance in the general individual competition.

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