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basketball basketball court

Next to each hoop is a shooting area that defines how many points you get for shooting.

The main elements of basketball practice are:

Basketball court

The basketball court is rectangular and must be flat and free of obstacles. It measures 15 meters wide by 28 meters long and is divided into two portions by a line in the middle, in which a circle is 3.6 meters in diameter.

At each end of the court, there is a ring, suspended about 3 meters from the ground, which is located in a semi-circular area of ​​4.9 x 8.32 meters and separates the 2-point shooting area from the 3-point shooting area. Points.


The basketball basket comprises a hoop (with a net) into which the ball is inserted to score. The basketball hoop is attached to the backboard, which is 1.05 high by 1.80 long. The basket must be located 3.05 m from the ground, and its ring must be made of steel and attached to the net by twelve points.


The basketball has a spherical shape, and its size varies according to the category and type of game. Men’s professional basketballs measure 75-78 cm, and women’s professional basketballs measure 72-74 cm.

They are balls with an excellent rebound capacity. They are usually made up of a chamber covered with materials such as leather, rubber, or some other synthetic fabric with a rough surface. The most used color in basketball is orange, but there are many colors, such as black or white, blue, and red.


Basketball players have a uniform that usually consists of a numbered sleeveless (or short-sleeved, no long-sleeved jersey is allowed), shorts, and sneakers.
basketball fundamentals, basketball, basketball pass
A player may make a pass to deliver the ball to a teammate.

Basketball has three elementary fundamentals:

The boat or dribble

Whenever a player has the ball, he must bounce it against the ground. This movement is performed with one hand and controlled so the player can walk or run simultaneously. The pot cannot be made with both hands, nor can the player advance without doing so. When the player stops, he will have to make a pass, or he will have two steps to try a shot at the hoop.

the passes

The action of delivering the ball to a teammate effectively and accurately through various movements is called a pass. Opponents can try to break up a pass and take possession of the ball. The principal passes in basketball are the chest pass, the back pass, the bounce pass (dribbling once to the ground), the overhand pass, and the alley-oop (throwing close to the basket so that a partner pocketed it).


A shot consists of throwing the ball to the hoop, a score. Shots can be:

Jump shot. It consists of throwing the ball to the basket after rising in the air.
Static shot. It consists of throwing the ball toward the hoop while standing.
Free shot. It consists of throwing the ball from the free throw line after a foul and without jumping.
Layup shot. It consists of throwing the ball to the hoop on the run and taking a maximum of two steps without bouncing it on the ground.
Matte shot. It consists of jumping and putting the ball in the hoop by touching or hanging it from the ring.
Hook shot. It consists of a shot against the hoop, either with both hands or just one, using it as a hook in the air.

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