Coordinative abilities

We explain what coordination skills are in physical education, their characteristics, and how they are classified.

What are coordination capacities?

In physical education, coordination capacities are known as a type of material or motor capacities of the human body (that is, its movement capacities), which have to do with the control and management of movements, such as coordination, agility, and balance.

They differ from conditional abilities, which are more closely related to strength, endurance, speed, and elasticity.

Coordinative motor skills are the power of the central nervous system (CNS) and its control and regulation processes of the body, which allow us to face planned motor actions (that is, repetitive, rehearsed) or unforeseen (unprecedented, which require a specific capacity). Of adaptation). These coordinative capacities are classified as follows:

Coordinative orientation abilities allow us to know our body’s position and the location at all times, especially when making a move.
Coordinative combination capabilities, which allow us to sequentially or simultaneously integrate movements of a different nature into a single, more complex movement.
Coordinative adaptation capacities, which allow us to vary established movement patterns to adapt them to a specific situation or position, that is, they allow us to adapt the movements learned to new situations.
Coordinative reaction capacities, which allow us to respond appropriately, proportionally and quickly to an unexpected stimulus.
Coordinative balance abilities, which allow us to carry out complex movements with a small support base, or to maintain a position by resisting the action of an external force or influence.
Rhythmic coordinative abilities, which allow us to carry out harmonic movements by combining other movements in an appropriate and joint manner.
Coordinative abilities of space-time perception, which allow us to incorporate different external objects into the movement of our body, evaluating the speed, distance and weight of each one.

Like the other motor skills, coordination skills can be enhanced and strengthened through continuous exercise and practice. However, they have an innate component, characteristic of the characteristics with which we are born.

These abilities play an essential role in the practice of sports and form the basis of the so-called “motor intelligence” of individuals and muscle memory.

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