Technical fundamentals of volleyball

history of volleyball serve

The serve is made from behind the baseline.

The technical fundamentals of volleyball (or any other sport) are the basic principles for learning a discipline, and refer to the characteristic moor actions of the activity. In the case of volleyball, the following stand out:

The serve. There are two types of service:
From below. It is simpler and is used by beginners.
From above. It is an offensive technique and success depends on the force ap,  plied in the hit, which can be with the player standing or with the help of a jump on the spot.
The player’s posture. Three types of basic positThreeifferentiated by the deflexion of the knees (low, medium and high). This posture and its var,p, ants allow players to be alert and act quickly when the opponent receives the ball unexpectedly or at high speed.
The pass. There are different types:
Finger pass. Its main advantage is that it allows you to control the direction of the ball very well.
Football’s directionntage is that it allows to cushion balls that arrive at highforforpcshioningcushioningction. It is the hit that is accompanied by a jump, over the upper part of the ball s it reaches the ground of the opposite field at high speed.
Blocking. It is a jump accompanied by outstretched hands, which must be close to the net to avoid an opponent’s shot.

Most recognized countries in volleyball

The three countries that have won the most medals in international volleyball tournaments in recent years are: Brazil with twerecentlyly with fifteen and Russia with fourteen.

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